Company history

1951The Hokkaido Mining Development Company was established to exploit anthracite coal deposits at the summit of Mount Obira in Shiribetsu. It did commence coal-mining operations, but the mine was closed in 1963 due to poor profitability after encountering layers of low calorie coal.
1963The company's name was changed to Kyosei Co., Ltd. It moved its headquarters to Ichigaya and started production of precision metal components (mainly electronic and optical-related) using photoetching of various metals.
September1972Kyosei's Kawagoe factory was constructed in Kawajima-machi in Saitama Prefecture. It began production of laminated magnetic head cores (mainly for industrial use) as secondary processing in 1972. Kyosei became the sole manufacturer in Japan using photoetching processes for start-to-finish production.
July1984The new four-floor headquarters building was completed. In October 1984, Kyosei added a new factory building to the Kawagoe factory and introduced a fully automatic photoetching production line.
October1988The joint venture company K.R. Precision Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand for the purpose of producing computer components. (Manufacture and sale of suspension systems for magnetic mounting of hard disks.)
January1994For the purpose of streamlining management, the Kiyosei Corporation was merged with Kyosei Co., Ltd.
April1998Kyosei withdrew from management of K.R. Precision Co., Ltd.
October2002Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand.
March2003Production started at the Thailand factory. BOI was acquired in November the same year.
June2004Acquired ISO 14001 certification at the Kawagoe factory.
July2005Acquired ISO 9001 certification at the Thailand factory.
July2006Acquired ISO 14001 certification at the Thailand factory.
July2008Acquired ISO 9001 certification at the Kawagoe factory.
January 2011A new three-story building was completed at the Kawagoe factory.
May 2016Headquarters moved to current location.