Business Policy

Corporate Philosophy (Mission)

Kyosei creates new value together with clients around the world as a company providing clean, environmentally considerate solutions and playing a leadership role for the next generation of precision metal processing technology.

Corporate Slogan (Vision)

Kyosei is proactive in proposing “etching + ONE” solutions that combine superior processing and assembly technologies—the inherited DNA of Japanese craftsmanship —with the photoetching techniques we have painstakingly cultivated up to this point.

Business Policy

  1. Corporate management to suit a changing global social environment

    • · We constantly think about how to be a company that is indispensable to society
    • · We comply with social morals at both the company and individual level
    • · We pursue customer satisfaction (price, quality, delivery time, service, etc.)
  2. Corporate management that prioritizes people

    • · We pursue development and happiness for all individuals involved with Kyosei
    • · We promote the construction of a people-centered network
    • · We aim to improve the skills of each individual via ongoing human resources training
  3. Corporate management for profit creation

    • · We tackle concepts that are interlinked
    • · We tackle technologically-oriented ideas as a company and encouraging future challenges
    • · We pursue satisfaction for all stakeholders involved with Kyosei

Quality policy

We established the following quality policies in order to achieve customer satisfaction and compliance with requirements, to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, and to achieve quality targets.

  • · We use the latest technology to meet the challenges of customer needs
  • · We return customers’ profits with the highest quality
  • · We contribute to society through technology

Environmental Policy

Environmental philosophy
By using environmentally friendly chemical cutting and processing to manufacture electronics components and optical components, as well as through its research activities, Kyosei enthusiastically helps to create an affluent society in which people and nature can coexist in harmony.
Behavioral Guidelines
To create an affluent society, each and every individual across the full spectrum of our corporate activities must act in consideration of the environment.

  1. (1) We practice environmental management activities that take into consideration their impact on the environment in all areas from process planning through to eventual discontinuation.
  2. (2) We establish organizational/operational systems for practicing environmental management activities. We set and carry out environmental objectives and targets, as well as periodically reviewing and striving to continuously improve our environmental management systems and prevent pollution.
  3. (3) We strive to continuously improve our environmental performance in compliance with laws and regulations and other requirements agreed by our organization, voluntarily setting our own standards for management.
  4. (4) We promote energy conservation, resource conservation, and waste reduction from the viewpoint of pollution prevention.
  5. (5) In order to disseminate these policies, we communicate via internal posts and sharing of documents, and we conduct environmental education and training to improve understanding and awareness.
  6. (6) We publically disclose these policies outside the company.
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