Electronics-related parts

Products available

VCM springs, shutters, apertures, light-shielding plates, yokes, vapor deposition masks, metal masks, encoders, metal squeegees, filters, slits, diaphragms, earth plates, heaters, shield plates, mesh, antennae, and more.

To manufacturers of precision components for automobiles, smartphones, and optical devices:

Are you experiencing any problems with these things?

  • You want to make products smaller, lighter, or thinner.
  • You want to create innovative products using unprecedented shapes or materials.
  • You want to prototype and mass-produce at low cost.
  • You want to create pressure-resistant flow channels.
  • You want to make highly durable springs.
  • You want to create high-definition mesh filters.
  • You want to apply processing to composite materials (metal–resin, etc.).

Your problems can be solved with Kyosei’s photoetching technology.

With photoetching…
  • Complex and fine processing is possible in micron units
  • No burring or distortion caused by processing, giving a beautiful finish
  • Can be used for a wide range of metals
  • Low costs, small lots, and short delivery times are possible, since metal molds are not required

Product Example

Vehicular equipment for automobiles
Engines, audio devices, drive recorders, heads-up displays, LED light components, and more.
Smartphone camera lens components

Springs for VCM (auto focus) and OIS (optical image stabilization), where we hold the top market share worldwide.
Optical device components
Lens components for digital cameras (shutters, apertures, light-shielding plates, and pinholes).
Part for flow channels
Head components for inkjet printers, flow channels for heat exchangers, special-purpose flow channels, and more.
MEMS sensors
Lead frames for packages, other sensor components, and more.
Vapor deposition masks, metal masks, yokes
These components form the basis of electronic products (circuits).
Encoders, metal squeegees
Compatible with all kinds of transmissive or reflective encoders.
Filters, slits, diaphragms
imgimgOur processes are compatible with filters with fine holes of Φ0.1 mm arranged at pitch of 0.15 mm with plate thickness of 50 um.

This is the Kyosei difference.

Smaller, finer, and thinner than anywhere else
We offer etching processes at a thickness of 0.004 mm (among the thinnest in the world).
Wide range of supported materials and hardness
Make your selection based on the desired specifications, such as spring load or conductive qualities.
High quality × low cost × short delivery time
Prototypes delivered as fast as 3 days. Low-cost mass production with Japanese-built quality is also possible.
Responsive support
Wide-ranging consultation and support for customer needs from specialists in every field.
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