Processing technology

Unique shapes that cannot be created by etching alone can be realized via various processing techniques.

Diffusion bonding & bonding of dissimilar metals


Thin plate-etched products are laminated and diffusion bonded to create three-dimensional structures such as high aspect mesh, flow channels, jig trays, and more.

Laser welding & spot-welding


We offer laser welding of thin plate, dissimilar metals, ultrafine wire, etc. using pulsed YAG lasers. We can also offer cutting and other processing of resins, metals, glass, ruby, etc.

Bending processes


We can form three-dimensional shapes by bending flat plate products after etching. We can perform bending processes for all kinds of fine items, such as leaf springs and connectors.

Grinding & cutting


We can perform tapered tip shaping for wire materials and pipe materials and other processing for irregular shapes. We can also process noble metals with high hardness, which are recognized as difficult to process. Cutting of magnesium, another difficult material to process, is also possible.

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