Photoetching core technology

We offer higher precision and higher density processing than anywhere else, thus contributing to the creation of highly competitive products.



Half-etching is a form of etching in which character data, designs, or similar are engraved to a depth around half the material’s thickness. Combining half-etching with full (penetrating) etching allows us to produce quite complicated designs.

Large-format etching


We can apply etching to large single sheets of material, up to 1200 mm x 800 mm. This can be used to produce filters, nameplates, etc. for applications such as the aerospace or marine industries, factory equipment, interior decoration, and more.

Special metal etching


Using etching (corrosive techniques) to process materials that are hard to cut using conventional cutting or machining—aluminum, titanium, magnesium, molybdenum, Hastelloy etc.—it becomes possible to bring out the material properties of these hard-to-cut materials. Organic materials (such as polyimides) can also be processed. We are currently tackling the challenges of carbon fiber.

Supported materials

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