Kyosei Co., Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of precision components, mainly electronics-related components, manufactured from various metal foil materials (of thickness 0.004–3.0 mm) using photoetching processes.
Currently, Kyosei services a broad range of needs, including electronics, optical devices, automotive, office automation equipment, mobile phone, communication equipment, and more.

Head office

Company name Kyosei Co., Ltd.
Location/Contact Chiyoda Building 2-37 Ichigaya Tamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan 162-0843
TEL +081 (03) 3260-5326
FAX +081 (03) 5261-7085
Access * 5–6 minutes on foot from JR Ichigaya Station.
* 3–4 minutes on foot from subway Ichigaya Station (get off closer to Iidabashi).
Date established May 23, 1951
Capital 10 million yen
Representative President & CEO: Shinichiro Koga
Employees 78 people at Kyosei Japan (as of September 2016)
Certification ISO 9001/14001 certification acquired

Kawagoe Factory

Location/Contact 2135 Nakayama, Kawajima-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama Japan 350-0165
TEL +081 (049) 297-0098
FAX +081 (049) 299-1002
Access * If visiting by train and bus, get off the train at Kawagoe Station (Tobu Tojo line), and wait at East Gate Bus Terminal 2 to catch a bus bound either for Higashi-Matsuyama Station or Yawata Danchi. Get off the bus at Kawajima Post Office and walk for 3 minutes.
* If visiting by car, from the metropolitan Kawajima Interchange take the turnoff toward Higashi-Matsuyama. Turn left at the traffic signal straight ahead, then left at the T-junction, then turn right into the road diagonally across from Yamada Udon.
* If visiting by taxi, please use the service from Wakaba Station on the Tobu Tojo line.

Kyosei Factory Thailand

Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Company Limited Kyosei Factory Thailand Company Limited
Location/Contact Sanub-Tub, A. Wangnoi. Ayuttaya 13170 Thailand.
TEL 010-66-36-200-240~248
FAX 010-66-36-200-249
Date established October 4, 2002
Paid-in capital 82,460,000 baht
Representative President & CEO: Shinichiro Koga
Employees 860 people at Kyosei Factory Thailand (as of September 2016)
Certification ISO 9001/14001 certification acquired
Kyosei Factory Thailand website

Kyosei USA

Company name Kyosei USA, Inc.,
Headquarters 300 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 400, Irvine, CA 92618 USA
San Diego Office 3645 Ruffin Road, Suite 205, San Diego, CA 92123
Contact (949) 590 0730
Kyosei USA website
UNITED PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES コーケン化学株式会社 Kyosei Factory Thailand