Company history

May 1951 Established
March 1963 The head office moved to Shinjuku, Tokyo and starts manufacturing precision metal parts (largely for electronics and optics) through photo-etching.
September 1972 Kawagoe Factory built in Kawajima, Saitama Prefecture. Production starts for laminated magnetic head cores, mainly for industrial use, as secondary processing.
July 1984 The four-storied head office building is completed. The new factory building at the Kawagoe factory is extended in October, and a fully-automated photo-etching line brought in.
October 1988 A joint venture company K.R. Precision Co., Ltd. is established in Thailand to produce computer parts. (Production and sales of suspensions for HDD magnetic mounts.)
January 1990 Kyosei Co.,Ltd.(100%subsidiary) is founded and takes over all of Kyosei’s business.
January 1994 Merges with Kyosei Co.,Ltd. to rationalize management.
April 1998 Withdrews from management of K.R. Precision Co., Ltd.
October 2002 The Thailand factory, Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is established.
March 2003 Production starts in  Thailand factory. BOI obtained that November.
June 2004 ISO 14001 certification obtained for the Kawagoe factory.
July 2005 ISO 9001 certification obtained for the Thailand factory.
July 2006 ISO 14001 certification obtained for the Thailand factory.
July 2008 ISO 9001 certification obtained for the Kawagoe factory.
January 2011 New three-stories building for the Kawagoe factory completed (rebuilt) .
August 2016 Kyosei Korea Branch is established.
April 2017 Our parent company, United Precision Teachnology (UPT) acquires Koken Chemical Co.,Ltd. share and Koken Chemical Co.,Ltd. becomes a group company.
May 2017 KYOSEI USA.,INC. is established.
Auguse 2017 Became a member of INRF (Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility) and opened a demonstration lab at UCI (University of California, Irvine).
April 2018 Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Co.,LTD. qualifies for ITC.
December 2018 Open United Precision Technologies Co.,Ltd. (UPT) KANSAI sales office.
February 2020 Open Kyosei Korea Co., Ltd.
UNITED PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES コーケン化学株式会社 Kyosei Factory Thailand