Global Network

Global production structures respond precisely to customer needs.

TOKYO: Kyosei Head Quarter

A comprehensive structure from prototyping to mass production


Kyosei’s highly-experienced sales personnel can serve as a comprehensive liaison handling all aspects of production from the prototyping stage in Japan to mass production in Japan or overseas.
Our experienced sales personnel precisely control production projects including planning, design, prototyping, and mass production.
Whether in Japan or overseas, the Kyosei network, created to respond to a wide range of customer requests, provides prompt and professional support by planning and suggesting products that maintain a good QCD balance.

KAWAGOE: Kyosei Kawagoe Plant

Wide-ranging support from prototypes to mass production based on small-lot production of numerous product types


The Kawagoe Factory is located within 50 km of the Tokyo city center and plays a role as an important base for technology. In addition to research and development of new technologies, the plant focuses on work that requires a high level of technological capability.
The factory supplies prototypes to customers in Japan and overseas and mass production products to customers in Japan. A production system comprising an extensive inventory of more than 500 different types of materials (stainless steels, copper materials, and sheet metal in varying thickness) and a specialized prototype team can provide prompt support and quick deliveries.
In addition, various types of secondary processing including surface treatment (plating and coating), three-dimensional processing (bending and drawing) and joining (diffusion and adhesion) are possible through Kyosei’s own domestic network. Our technological capabilities and network can respond to all needs to provide reliable products in a timely manner.

Cutting-Edge Technology Development Center (Kawagoe)

A base for developing state-of-the-art etch processing and laser processing technologies


Open in December 2016

THAILAND: Kyosei Thailand Head Quarter/Plant

Reliable product supply from Thailand using a production system that specializes in mass production


As a production site in Asia, that Thailand Factory has the structures to supply products to customers around the world. Mass-production goods are supplied using Japanese specifications for all aspects from equipment to quality.
Kyosei is the only etching manufacturer in Japan with an overseas production plant. The Thailand Factory opened in 2003.

Click here for the Thailand Factory Website.

Kyosei Korea

A Sales base branch office in South Korea of UPT Group


The South Korea Branch as a key base in Asia manufacture and sales network, opened in August 2016.


KYOSEI USA is an important base for UPT Group to conduct market research and sales in North America

It cooperated with the University of California Urban to set up an etching technology demonstration device in the local area. opened in May 2017.

UPT Kansai Branch

A Sales base in the West Japan area of UPT Group

Located in Shiga/Hikone (West Japan), opened in December 2018.

UNITED PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES コーケン化学株式会社 Kyosei Factory Thailand