Decoration and Interior

Products available

Signboards & nameplates, wall interiors, lampshades, accessory parts, stationery & miscellaneous items, smartphone & PC covers, bookmarks, business cards & other cards, kitchen tools, kitchen accessories, and more.

To architects, interior designers, and everyone who develops interior accessories:

Are you experiencing any problems with these things?

  • You want to add a premium atmosphere to the interior or exterior of shops, commercial facilities, automobiles, etc.
  • You want to make interior goods like delicate, beautifully crafted items.
  • You want to create promotional items or souvenirs at a low cost with a high-end feeling.

Your problems can be solved with Kyosei’s photoetching technology.

With photoetching…
  • Delicate and graceful decorative features can be added to metals
  • No burring or distortion caused by processing, giving a beautiful finish
  • Can be used for a wide range of metals
  • Low costs, small lots, and short delivery times are possible, since metal molds are not required

Product examples

Signboards & nameplates
imgHigh-class signboards and nameplates help generate trust in offices and shops. In combination with the right lighting, you can also create spectacular, glittering ambience.
Wall interiors
Because it allows expression with a solid, three-dimensional feel, this process is perfect for interior or exterior design for shops, commercial facilities, automobiles, and more—wherever a touch of luxury is required.
imgWe can achieve beautiful designs such as cutout pictures and stained glass effects. Enjoy different impressions depending on whether the lamp is illuminated or not.
Accessory parts

Illustrations and designs can be used directly for accessory parts. Also ideal for artists who hand-create their work.

Stationery & miscellaneous items
imgimgFollow your own design ideas to make items such as clips, straps, key holders, and much more.
Smartphone & PC covers
Use your favorite photos etc. to make original covers.
imgThese are popular as premium novelty goods and souvenirs.
Business cards & other cards
Perfect for branding, both for individuals and stores. We can manufacture these in gold, silver, platinum, and more. We can also create mirrored finishes and more.

High-end craftworks
imgWe created a sterling silver traditional Japanese kabuto helmet using etching processes.
We can produce one-off luxury craftworks in gold, silver, platinum, and other materials.

This is the Kyosei difference.

Reproduce any expression, no matter how fine.
We can use your original photo data.
Wide range of supported materials and hardness
Decoration in precious metals etc. is also available.
High quality × low cost × short delivery time
Prototypes delivered as fast as 3 days. Low-cost mass production with Japanese-built quality is also possible.
Responsive support
Support from specialists in every field. We can also consult on structural design.
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