Kyosei supports the manufacture of “strong products” that can compete successfully in global markets.

Kyosei specializes in detailed processing of thin sheet metal using photoetching technologies and manufactures primarily core devices that support cutting-edge technologies in areas such as automobiles and smartphones.

Kyosei boasts the highest share in the market for precision spring components used in high-performance cameras*.

* In the spring market for voice coil motors (VCM) used in auto-focus mechanisms and optical image stabilizers (OIS) used in optical image stabilizing mechanisms.

Benefits of Photoetching Technology

Photoetching is a high-precision processing technology that employs photography principles to chemically erode metals and other materials, creating complex and detailed shapes.

Photoetching is ideal for manufacturing extremely small, thin, or fine components and also products with special shapes. It offers the following benefits compared to other processing methods (laser processing, pressing, cutting, electrocasting, etc.).

  • Complex and detailed processing on the micron level is possible.
  • There are no burrs or deformation caused by processing and the finish is clean.
  • Compatible with a wide range of metals
  • No dies are needed, making it possible for low-cost, small-lot production and quick delivery.
  • Innovative products can be created in fields that require high precision and high density such as electronics components, semiconductor components, and medical equipment.

  • Detailed and elegant ornamentation can be added to metals and composite materials (such as glass and resin), and as a result, photoetching can be used for interior and exterior design items for applications that require high quality such as stores, commercial facilities, and automobiles.

  • Photoetching is suitable for prototypes and mass production.

Reasons to Select Kyosei

Kyosei products are provided to leading manufacturers and university research organizations that are making major advances around the world. Kyosei places particular emphasis on the following three issues to acquire and maintain the confidence of customers.

Smaller, Thinner, and Finer than Any Other Products
Kyosei has development experience that has led to it acquiring the top market share for precision smartphone components , a state-of-the-art technology field that requires the highest levels of miniaturization and compactness. Kyosei can perform sheet processing at a minimum thickness of 0.004 mm and specializes in difficult to machine materials, unique shapes, and thick (2 mm) processing. Kyosei can serve as a technology innovation partner for all devices.
Pursuit of High Quality, Low Cost, and Quick Delivery
The requirements from customers competing in global markets are severe. To respond to these demands and to market changes, Kyosei develops new technologies that can enhance product performance and reduce costs. In addition, the relocation of equipment and quality control systems from a factory in Japan to a plant in Thailand makes it possible for Kyosei to perform low-cost mass production with domestic quality. Furthermore, our extensive materials inventory with more than 500 different types of materials and exclusive prototyping team make quick delivery (as short as three days) possible.
Response Capabilities that Instill Confidence
Without response capabilities, exceptional technology is meaningless. Kyosei has specialists with knowledge in a wide range of fields who can provide timely and tailored support in all areas from specification design to production and secondary or tertiary processing. Integrated support from prototyping to mass production for overseas markets is one of our strengths. Kyosei can provide multi-lingual support in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and other languages.

Main Application Fields

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