Surface treatment technology

Whether for decoration or to improve product quality, you can trust our expertise with all kinds of painting and coating.

Various types of plating


We can perform composite plating, multi-layer plating, partial plating, and spot plating of nickel, gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, etc.

Black surfacing & black chrome treatment


Using oxide coating, we can apply uniform black surfacing treatments on all kinds of metals. We offer thin film processing at thicknesses under 1.0 um.

We can carry out electrolytic polishing or blasting treatment after etching.

Various types of coatings


GD coating offers better release properties and abrasion resistance than Teflon, with superior water repellency and corrosion resistance to silicon. DLC coating is also available.

Mirror surfacing & paint coating processing


We can apply mirror finishes and paint coating processing.

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